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Final Fantasy 7
Game shark codes (usa version)
Revive Aeris
Limit Break Guide
Boss Guide
Status Effect Guide
Chocobo Breeding Guide
Chocobo racing guide
Weapon Guide
Summon Materia
Independent Materia
Magic Materia
Link Materia
Command Materia
Bestairy page 2
Easy ways to kill sephiroth
Stuff I have learned
About FF7
Favorite Links
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Charcter Pics
Other Stuff
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Updates: The game is down for the moment, sorry
and you can find us at a shorter URL now its still the same site though and yes we moved but we will still update this on a regular bases to see r new site visit
GuestBook: I started to play this again today(5/15/05)
because i didnt beat the ultimate weapon before and this website helps me alot how to defeat.
Thank you. Please dont close this site lol.

  ^ Whoever left this comment thanks and i didnt close i just moved to and please email me at with your name and email i would like to talk to you or help you ^_^
Updates: :
Hey Guys/Girls I had redone the site it should be redirecting you if it doesnt withing 10 seconds CLICK HERE!
No hosting happend:( but im still going to redo this site, i but it on the updates when its done

Here you'll Find all informantion needed to complete final fantasy7....NEW GO TO THE CHAT FOURM BOX ON THE CHAT PAGE!!

On this homepage youll just see ff7 stuff...PLESE SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!!!!!


Hello my friend and I are putting together a weekly issue about advent children. To get info and estimated dates when its arriving in the U.S we will also be adding speical secrets to the weekly issues put your email in the list to get the issues! (NOTE THIS WILL PROBABLY NOT GO ON ABOUT A MONTH AFTER FF7 A.C arrives im not sure though!)
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My Record of beating this game is high b/c i like to play around so hre it is


Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.

Ask any questions here

make sure you put you email or i cant get  back to you(if you dont want to give your email sign the guest book and ill put you question in there)


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