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Here are some ways that i have found that said they revive aeris but im not sure if they work

Ok here is a few ways that have been said to revive aeris but im not sure if they will work::
1- buy the flower from Aeris and give it to Marlene 2- collect the Kalm Traveler's things (Desert Rose, etc). Get 2 Guidebooks (morph the ghost ship.. stroll down to know more) to trade it and keep another. and keep the rest of the stuff to yourself 3- go to the house with Vincent's Peacemaker, and up the spiral staircase 4- Marlene will be there, and ask for the flower back. 5- go to the church in Midgar and place the flower on the flowerbed 6- go back to the Forgotten City and sleep in the same place just before Aeris died 7- go to the building with "Mr.Fish" 8- go to the altar where Aeris got killed, and the computer will do the rest 9- after that, use the Desert Rose to go to the prison under Gold Saucer 10- Deo with mess with the White Materia and then you can use Holy

^^ that was one way but again im not sure if it works^^ (another rumor down)DOESNT WORK!!!!!!!!!

Need:Bahamut Zero, Cid in your party and another person who was in your party at the time of Aeris's death. Go to the traveller in Kalm. He'll ask you to find the Earth Harp, Desert Rose, and a Guidebook for him. Get the items listed in order [as just mentioned],and give them to the man in the same order. To get the Earth Harp, defeat Emerald Weapon. To get the Desert Rose, defeat Ruby Weapon. To get the Guidebook, go to the underwater tunnel in Junon, and run around until you see a skeleton ghostship, and morph it [with your Morph materia. But you don't have to morph it all the way...attack a few times.. (i suggest u sense it so you don't kill the thing. The MOST easiest item to get, but you gotta get it last. Now, go back to Kalm and give the items to the man in the right order (Earth Harp, Desert Rose, Guidebook). He'd be really thankful, and gives you a Gold Chocobo. Along with that, he'll give you Materias, ALL Mastered, and the Underwater Materia. Equip the Underwater Materia on Cloud, and get to the City of the Ancients with the Gold Chocobo. "Visit" Aeris' burial, and into the shell house. "Mr. Fish" will be there, and you will be able to talk to it. It'll then let you pass, cuz you have the Underwater Materia. Next, go around the altar where Aeris died, and Cloud would break down.. Cid will come out and comfort him, while the other will be questioning about the White Materia. Mr Cid will next see something shining in the water, dives for it, and comes up with an "Aeris Revival Materia". But that's not all... Equip it with Bahamut Zero, then it'll take you to Aeris... and that's all i know... ((((that was another but again not sure)))))DOESNT WORK!!!!

Before Mideel blows up you, get 100 tissues at the Battle Arena at Gold Saucer. Then go to Mideel and talk to the woman on the very left (or somewhere near there). She should br crying and then she uses all your tissues, then she thanks you and tells you the secret to reviving Aeris.
(^^ok another not proven)
Ok there were some ways to try im not sure about any of them but please try and post so i no if they work or not............DONT WORK THERE ISNT EVEN A LADY?

But if you want to just cut to the chase use gameshark for the following code::
8009CBDE FF03 (((you may use any disc but there is catch to doing this she takes over your third person and u can not put her in PHS and if ne 1 else goes to the thrid person they will become another aeris.(((example if barret was there and u moved him to thrid personhe would become aeris and so would ne 1 else so do not put cloud there when gameshark is still on or he will disapear. NOTE THIS WILL ONLY HAPPEN WHEN GAMESHARK IS STILL ON SO I SUGESST THAT YOU GET AERIS SAVE IT THEN RESTART THE GAME WITH OUT GAMESHARK THEN U WILL BE ABLE TO PUT NE 1 IN THIRD PERSON. ....OH YEA AND SHE STILL CANT GO TO PHS EVEN IF GAMESHARK IS OFF)))))))))))))))WORKS OBIVOUISLY

i talked to someone and this is what they said:

when the weapon comes to attack midgar you walk up to midgar and an old man will tell you he lost his key go to bone village or whatever its called and i forget what treasure you have to do but get it and go back unlock midgar go into the church that you mean aeris in and it will freeze for a sec then you look around for her soul then go back to the ancients and go back to the lake.THIS DOESNT WORK!!!DONT TRY IT



To revive Aeris, be nice to her throughout the game.

After you have beaten everybody(include emerald and ruby weapon),equip

clouds apocalypse sword. Put a master leveled Revive Materia in the

first apocalypes sword slot. Keep fighting Magic Pots and Movers until

the master leveled Revive Materia gets level up to the revive spell.

This should take from 800,000 to 1,500,000.You CANT use Gameshark.

After doing this, go back to Midgar.Have Cait Sith with you.Look

around Midgar until you meet up with some kids.Cait Sith will go with

them.Go to Aeris' house.Go to her bedroom and use 4 tissues. After the

talking, go to Aeris' church. Aeris' ghost will tell you to go to the

place in the ancient city where Bugenhagen took you. Pick up Cait Sith

and go there.Go into the place where Bugenhagen took you an press O at

the stone. Make sure your Revive materia with the revive spell is

equipped. There will be a FMV sequence.Cloud places the Revive materia

on the stone. Aeris' voice tells you to go to the church.Go there.Live

Aeris will be there.She will say,"Cloud, it is really me." Now you

have her back.




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