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Stuff u win when u race ur chocobos

Prize GP Value Ranks
Antarctic Wind 20 B, A, S
Bolt Plume 20 C, B, A, S
Cat's Bell 500 A, S
Chocobracelet 400 S
Counter Attack Materia 300 A, S
Elixir 200 B, A, S
Enemy Away Materia 300 B, A, S
Ether 30 B, A
Fire Fang 20 B, A, S
Fire Veil 50 A, S
Hero Drink 15 B, A, S
Hi-Potion 15 C, B, A
Hyper 10 C, B
Ice Crystal 50 A, S
Magic Counter Materia 500 A, S
Megalixir 300 S
Phoenix Down 10 C, B, A, S
Precious Watch 300 S
Sneak Attack Materia 300 A, S
Sprint Shoes 500 A, S
Swift Bolt 50 A, S
Tranquilizer 10 C, B, A, S
Turbo Ether 150 B, A, S

In addition, you can win a Choco Feather, Power Vest, Counter Attack Materia, and Sprint Shoes by defeating the racing champion Joe five times in a row.

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