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tells you the effect of the spells enemies use

Status Effect Effects On Character How To Cure Effect
Berserk Character goes into battle fury, turns red, and starts performing physical attacks randomly on the enemy. Character cannot be controlled until cured. Remedy item, Esuna spell
Condemned A countdown appears over character's head. When the countdown reaches 0, the character will be KO'd. None
Confuse Character spins around and attacks allies as well as enemies Remedy item, Esuna spell, a physical attack against the character
Darkness Character cannot see. Hit percentage decreases drastically. Eye Drop item, Remedy item, Esuna spell
Frog Character turns into a frog. Hit rate and damage drastically decrease. Character becomes unable to use most magic. Maiden's Kiss item, Remedy item, Toad spell, Esuna spell
Fury* Limit Break bar turns red and fills at twice the normal rate; hit percentage decreases slightly Tranquilizer item, Remedy item, Esuna spell
Haste ATB gauge fills much faster, causing character to have more frequent turns. None
KO* Character's HP is in the red, and character lies on the ground. Cannot act until revived. Life spell, Life2 spell, Phoenix Down item, Phoenix Summon
Mini Character shrinks, drastically decreasing damage and rendering character unable to use most magic. Cornucopia item, Remedy item, Mini spell, Esuna spell
Paralyze Character cannot move until paralysis wears off. Remedy item, Esuna spell
Petrify Character turns into stone and is unable to act until Petrification is removed. Remedy item, Soft item, Esuna spell
Poison Character flashes green and HP gradually decreases Antidote item, Remedy item, Esuna spell, Poisona spell
Reflect All spells cast on the character will be reflected back at caster. This applies to both recovery and attack magic, but has no effect on summon magic. None
Regen Character's HP slowly recovers; opposite of Poison. None
Sadness* Limit Break bar turns blue and fills at half the normal rate. Hyper item, Remedy item, Esuna spell
Silence Small white speech bubble with "..." inside appears over character's head. Cannot use magic, Enemy Skills or summon magic. Remedy item, Echo Screen item, Esuna spell
Sleep Character has "Zzz" over his/her head and will not act until awakened Physical attack, Remedy item, Esuna spell
Slow ATB gauge fills much more slowly, causing character to have less frequent turns. Remedy item, Esuna spell, Haste spell
Slow Petrify A countdown appears over character's head and the character glows white. When the countdown reaches 0, the character will be Petrified. Soft item, Remedy item, Esuna spell
Stop Character stops moving and cannot act until Stop wears off. Remedy item, Esuna spell

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